First and foremost, congrats on your 2 Superbowl Rings.

You are a good guy, a true competitor and deserve your success.

It must be nice to get to go out there and be extremely competitive every week.

As a father of 3, my only competition these days come from Fantasy Football.

Each week I scream for my team, scream at my team and embrace the emotion that comes with this kind of competition.

This year I began 1-6.

Everyone counted me out - everyone.

You know what that's like.

Just look at you guys last year, 6 seed? Really?

Any how, I didn't stop.

I didn't surrender.

And now my fantasy season comes down to 1 night.

This night.

The only guy I have left, the guy, my guy, is Martellus Bennett.

Martellus, as you know, started the year HOT.

He had a TD in his first 3 games.

I have stuck with him since then as he has gone scoreless in 8 games.

His highest scoring game was week 3 vs. Carolina where he had 6 receptions on 7 targets for 73 yards and a TD.

I need more tonight.

I need 18.5 points.

Let's say 50 yards on 5 catches with 2 Td's just to be safe.

Now, I thought I was left to just hope but then I thought about some of the monster TE performances this year.

Big Ben, a fellow 2x ring winner, dedicated this season to Heath Miller making the pro-bowl and look at Heathhhhhhhh now.

Tony Gonzalez announced he will most likely retire and Matt Ryan made him his first, second and third look.

Now it's Martellus's time.

If you could just make him a Week 13 hero, then his name will be celebrated throughout the twitter universe, on facebook and he'll probably get some major props from Matthew Berry.

So this is my pitch.

My campaign.

Eli - for tonight only - let's make Marcellus Bennett the Guy!!!!

Go Big Blue.

Warm Regards,

A Giant Fan, A Fantasy Fan, A Fan of Competition.

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